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What’s That Smell?

One thing most dogs have in common is their love of stinky things. Smell is their primary sense, and they use it to explore and gain information. Unlike humans, they’re also typically drawn to dirty and disgusting smells, rather than the fresh and floral.

At the end of the day, you might get a whiff of all that sniffing. If you’ve got a dog who loves to jump up on the couch with you or settle into your bed at night, you probably already know the value of a good dog bath.

Regular baths for optimal coat health

Even if your pup isn’t stinky, dogs require regular bathing to keep their coat in good health. How often you give your dog a washing will depend on a few factors. Like us, they need frequent baths if they’re more active. You’ll also have to consider their coat type and any skin conditions they may have. 

Short-haired dogs don’t have to be bathed as regularly, for instance, but hairless ones require careful care for dermatological conditions. It will depend on how much your dog’s coat holds onto dirt and whether or not they have a natural water-repellency. 

Don’t strip their natural oils with daily washing, but do take care to give your pet a regular bathing. The best schedule for your individual dog may mean taking a bath twice a week, or as rarely as once every few months. If you’re unsure, ask your veterinarian how often you should bathe your pet.

Invest in good shampoo

At RuffMutts, we carry a selection of quality shampoos that will leave your dog feeling and smelling great! Check out our selection.

Skip the mess

Giving your dog a bath can be a messy process. While some owners use their bathtub, it’s generally not recommended. Tubs can be slippery for your pet and you might have to be extra careful to avoid contamination. 

Young puppies as well as dogs with wounds, skin infections, or feces on their coat can increase disease transmission to humans. Take extra precautions if anyone in your family is at risk. This includes those who are pregnant, very old or young, or have skin lesions that may become infected.

A better home alternative is to use a laundry tub if it’s large enough to accommodate your pet, or to bathe outside when weather allows (although keep in mind that your pet won’t like a cold shower any more than you do). If you’re lucky, you may have space in your home to build a dedicated dog wash station.

One great way to skip the mess and provide an ideal bathing environment for your pup is to come visit our dog self wash at RuffMutts in Niverville & Morden. We offer an affordable and convenient option for dog owners to give their pets a bath on-site, and provide you with everything you need for a positive experience.

Our dog self-wash station

We have two locations, Niverville and Morden, to make it easy to pop by and give your pup a bath. You’ll be provided with a private room, high-quality products, and even aprons and towels. We also have a lifting table and will soon be introducing a ramp to make bathing your larger pets even easier.

Your dog will love our professional bathing tubs, and you’ll enjoy being able to leave the mess to us when you’re done!

Keeping it clean

While some dogs get dirty enough to require frequent bathing, every dog should have regular baths regardless of how dirty or stinky they seem. Keeping your pet clean prevents coat and skin issues and can help protect from parasites and other problems. 

Whether your dog gets a weekly or bi-monthly sudsing, RuffMutts has everything you need to make your dog’s bathing experience a good one. Come visit our dog self-wash or pick up supplies to bathe at home, then snuggle up with your fresh-smelling pet as you dream about tomorrow’s adventures.

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