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  1. Mandy always does such a great job with grooming our small dog. She’s got a real touch for this and I would feel so blessed when we’d come home with a new little scarf for my dog. It was and always is a great experience! She’s very flexible and easy to get an appointment!

  2. Lacey’s Family

    Lacey is our golden retriever/shepard baby girl. She has been eating Perfectly Raw Puppy from the day we brought her home at 9wks old. She loves it! Her vet said she’s healthy, her coat is great and her teeth are so white. And we have to agree! Her fur is so soft, shiny and healthy. Whenever we are walking or playing at the park we always get compliments on how shiny and great her coat is. Guy knows his stuff when it comes to this food and Mandy is so great with her. Thanks Ruff Mutts!!

  3. Mandy was Fantastic! We have 2 Great Pyrenees/Golden retrievers… and the were a MESS! Matted coats, burs everywhere. They hadn’t had a bath in a couple of months because the task was so daunting. So we showed up with our messy dogs and she did amazing! The are so soft! the smell amazing. There coats are free of matts/burs. They look so pretty all cleaned up. I would totally recommend Mandy! Our dogs are very shy but she was so gentle with them. I will definitely go back. Thanks so much Mandy for doing such a great job!

  4. Mandy you did an amazing job with our oversized puppy, he was so scared when he first came to us. After one well needed grooming appointment with you he opened right up thank you so much for all your help getting him all cleaned up. The staff at Ruff Mutts are amazing and extremely knowledgeable I highly recommended them for all you puppy needs

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