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What are the benefits of a raw diet?

As a dog owner, you probably go a long way to keep Fido healthy and happy.  Lots of exercise and play time, regular checkups, and so on.  But are you paying attention to their dental health?  According to research, periodontal disease is the most common oral disease in dogs.  You want to make sure they are white and free of tartar or plaque, and not broken or jagged.

Proper dental hygiene is critical to your dog’s health.  If left alone, plaque build-up on your dog’s teeth turns to tartar along the gum line, which is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.  This leads to gingivitis or gum inflammation; gingivitis leads to the spread of harmful substances called cytokines through the bloodstream to internal organs such as the heart, pancreas, kidneys, or liver.  Simply put, it can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases in dogs.

So how do we prevent this and ensure good oral health in our dog?  Regular brushing is important, whether it be with a toothbrush and dog-friendly toothpaste or veterinarian approved dental treats.  But your dog’s diet plays a role in this as well. 

Raw diets are a natural dental abrasive that effectively acts like a toothbrush when Fido is eating.  When your dog is gnawing on a raw bone they have to chew through the meat and bone, which helps scrape off plaque.  Also, raw meat has live enzymes that kills dangerous bacteria which builds up on your dog’s gums. 

There are a lot of other great benefits to feeding your dog a raw diet that goes beyond just their oral health.  Raw diets are rich sources of minerals, calcium, phosphorus, and protein.  Also, chewing on a bone provides your dog an outlet for their natural behaviour; it releases calming endorphins and exercises your dog’s jaws, neck, and shoulders.

If you are considering starting your dog on a raw diet, be sure to see us at RuffMutts to learn about the variety of options that are available!

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