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At RuffMutts, we know how important your furry friends are to you. That’s why we take care to stock our shop with high quality products at affordable prices.

We carry a wide variety of nutritious, wholesome food that will make both you and your pet happy. Feeding your pet well is an important (and delicious!) step in keeping them healthy. 

We’ve carefully selected our lines because they’re packed with nutritious ingredients and are reasonably priced. Use our handy new tool to compare our varieties with the competitors’. We’ve made it easy to consider the quality of ingredients as well as daily and yearly costs. We even let you know when it’s made right here in Canada.

Our healthy options and food delivery service make RuffMutts the best choice for all of your pets’ needs. Check out our new tool here and feed better for less.

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Boxiecat | $3.00 OFF BoxiePro Litter

Save $3.00 on any size bag of BoxiePro Clay or BoxiePro Air.

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Promotion Valid: 09/01/2023 to 09/30/2023

Treat of the Month | September

Save 15% on NaturVet Evolutions Soft Chews during the month of September

Promotion Valid: 09/01/2023 to 09/30/2023