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At RuffMutts, we know how important your furry friends are to you. That’s why we take care to stock our shop with high quality products at affordable prices. We carry a wide variety of nutritious, wholesome food that will make both you and your pet happy. Feeding your pet well is an important (and delicious!) […]

What’s That Smell?

One thing most dogs have in common is their love of stinky things. Smell is their primary sense, and they use it to explore and gain information. Unlike humans, they’re also typically drawn to dirty and disgusting smells, rather than the fresh and floral. At the end of the day, you might get a whiff […]

Who Let The Cats Out?

Maybe you caught this local Global News story about Epsy: two years ago, a curious little Calgarian cat escaped her fenced-in backyard and hadn’t been seen since … until recently. Early this September, she was spotted and reunited with her relieved owner, Wendy Syvret. Though it’s hard to believe, microchip identification positively confirmed that after […]

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