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Skout’s Honor Urine & Odor Destroyer – Concrete and Turf


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Product Description

Finally, a powerful and easy-to-use solution to destroy stubborn pet stains and odors from your favorite outdoor living spaces! Simply attach to a hose and spray on concrete, brick, artificial turf, outdoor furniture/upholstery and other water-safe surfaces.

Breaks down stubborn stains & eliminates lingering odors from outdoor living spaces.



1. After attaching to hose, turn the nozzle and spray/saturate the affected area(s) using a sweeping motion back and forth until you see some sudsing action. 2. Stop spraying and wait 5 minutes. Remove product from hose and spray area with water from hose until the area runs clear and bubble-free (a stiff bristle brush can be used to loosen surface dirt/debris if needed, but not necessary). 3. Allow the area to dry naturally. A second applications may be needed for areas heavily solied in urine. Allow treated area(s) to dry completely before children or pets enter the area.

Great For

Keeping the great outdoors smelling great!


Breaks down stubborn stains & eliminates lingering odors from concrete, brick, artificial turf and other outdoor living spaces.

Safe Surfaces: Concrete, stone, artificial turf, brick, outdoor furniture and other water-safe surfaces.

Not Recommended For: Leather, unsealed wood or live plants.

Available Size(s): 32oz

† Please note small breed recipes are based on a 10lb dog, large breed recipes are based on a 75lb dog, all other recipes are based on a 50lb dog.  This is important to note if you are comparing small or large breed recipes to a “regular” recipe. If a feeding guideline has different activity levels listed by the manufacturer, we do the comparison based on the lower activity level.  Contact your local store if you have any questions.  

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