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Choosing The Best Food For Your Pet

Do you know how well our pets take care of us? They give us enthusiastic greetings, drag us off our couches for some fresh air, and even keep our blood pressure and cholesterol low. They can detect troubling health conditions and ward off depression and loneliness.

Since they take such good care of us, it’s important to take good care of them, too. That’s why Ruff Mutts makes it easy to choose top-quality nutrition with our extensive line of premium pet foods.

One of our favourite brands is ACANA. Like Ruff Mutts, they’re based right here in Western Canada, so you’re assured of trustworthy quality in their products. Their thoughtfully crafted recipes reflect the kind of diet that’s best for your dog: one that’s protein-rich and primarily based on meat.

Our pets aren’t meant to eat the cheap fillers and additives that you’ll find in many pet foods. That’s why we like ACANA’s promise to go beyond the first ingredient. They’ve committed to creating delicious and nutritious recipes that are filled with quality ingredients from start to finish.

A lot of pet foods flesh out their recipes with fillers and additives that don’t promote optimal health in our pets. Wheat, corn, and rice fillers are neither nutritive nor do they taste good. With ACANA, you’ll get at least 50% premium animal ingredients balanced with fruits and vegetables for added fibre and nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, and probiotics round out their selections, without any artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.

If you’re looking at the ingredient list on another pet food and wondering why it’s an issue, consider that most dogs have a gluten intolerance not only to wheat but also to hidden variants like cereals or grains. Cheaper plant proteins (such as pea, soy, or corn) that replace animal sources are harder to digest and can cause dietary intolerance. And our dogs are largely colourblind, so if you’re pouring your pet a bowl of colourful kibble, it’s only for your own enjoyment. They get no benefit whatsoever from added colour.

Keep it simple and feed your furry friend affordably with locally-made ACANA. We stock a wide variety of formulations that both cats and dogs will love. And you’ll love knowing you’re feeding them quality sources of free-run chicken, turkey, quail, sustainably-farmed fish, whole eggs, and ranch-raised meats.

With raw options and formulas that target your pet’s specific dietary requirements, Ruff Mutts is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. Stop feeding your furry family members grocery-store brands that don’t offer optimal nutrition. Instead, stop by one of Ruff Mutts’ three convenient locations and we’ll help you find a food both your pet and your wallet will love. 

Taking good care of your pets is just one of the ways you can thank them for everything they do for you. Count on Ruff Mutts to help you put their health first.

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