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The True Cost of Pet Food

We all want the best food possible for our pets but the reality is most of us have a budget.  So how do we get the best pet food possible and stay within our budget?   

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What’s That Smell?

One thing most dogs have in common is their love of stinky things. Smell is their primary sense, and they use it to explore and

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Who Let The Cats Out?

Maybe you caught this local Global News story about Epsy: two years ago, a curious little Calgarian cat escaped her fenced-in backyard and hadn’t been

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Rotation Feeding

What Is Rotation Feeding? Rotation feeding emphasizes the importance of providing your dog different proteins, vegetables, fruits and other ingredients on a regular basis to

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Dog Groomer

We are looking for a passionate, experienced Dog Groomer to join our team at RuffMutts Niverville. Services range from bath & tidy, to blow-outs to

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