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RuffMutts is your local pet food and supply store with locations in Niverville, Altona, and Morden MB. RuffMutts is family owned and operated with a focus on pet food and dog grooming services that support the health and well being of your pets.
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Pet Nutrition!

We provide a refined selection of natural Canadian made dog and cat food, including, Frozen Raw, Raw Dehydrated, Grain Free kibble and quality Kibble dog and cat foods.

Traditionally the pet food industry has been the outlet for leftover wastes and by-products from the human food industry. The majority of pet foods on the market contain or are laced with dangerous chemicals and additives, use inferior ingredients all while claiming the food is “natural” and “healthy”. Unlike human products pet food is largely unregulated in terms of safety and ingredient quality.

It was surprising to see that many of the well-known pet foods out there were not only unhealthy but detrimental to the health of our pets. Despite clever marketing tactics these products did not live up to their claims.

Claims of “Natural”, “Healthy”, and “Recommended by…” on the packaging bolstered no effect on the poor quality of the ingredients inside the bag. What’s more the repeated pet food recalls and tainted ingredient scandals affecting these brands were wide spread. We cannot emphasize enough to question the advice of experts and do your own research.

When we moved our animals to a diet that more closely resembled what they were designed to eat, they experienced tremendous changes and amazing improvements in health. No longer were the poor coats, bad breath, degenerative diseases, weight problems and lack of energy and enthusiasm present. Even our pets who looked healthy before the switch experienced significant improvements in their appearance, and their well-being.

Unlike many pet shops all of our products from each manufacturer in the store have been carefully researched and scrutinized to meet our quality standards. We would, and have, confidently fed everything we carry to our pets! That is why RuffMutts only carries products that will contribute to the health and wellness of your companion animals. Find solutions for your pet’s itching, allergies, weight gain, irritable bowel and sensitive stomach where they all begin, in the food they eat.

By avoiding products with unhealthy grains, containing animal by-products, rendered un-named meats and fats, chemical preservatives, artificial ingredients you are able to add health and vitality to your pets’ lives. We will work with you to find the right food for your pet.

We have a focus on biologically appropriate pet foods that are locally made with local ingredients. We are proud to have an “All Canadian Line Up” of pet food most of which is made right here in Manitoba! This is better for our local economy, environment and most importantly better for your pet!

Our goal is to provide value and assistance by helping you find the right products to support your pets’ health. We are here to help, so call, e-mail, tweet, text and we will gladly discuss the benefits of our pet foods!

Dog Grooming!

RuffMutts is not an assembly line grooming salon, we only accept a limited amount of dogs per day and you will know who is grooming your dog, quality over quantity always. This allows us to build relationship with you and your dog.

Our Promise to You and Your Pet
Your dog will not be rushed through the grooming process, and never will your dog be left alone. All dogs are hand dried and never left unsupervised on the grooming table. We will treat your dog just like they are one of our own. Safety is our highest priority.

Thanks for visiting!

– Mandy and Guy

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